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Acupuncture is a part of traditional Chinese medicine, looking back to the traditions of 4-5000 years.


It is well known all over the world. It's a kind of stimulus therapy with the goal of restoring inner balance.




Ancient acupuncture illustration

Illness is nothing but losing inner balance.

It approaches our body from the perspective of energetics and divides it to Yin and Yang energetic states like nervous system is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Yang energy represents Sun, moving, day, masculine among others, while Yin energy embodies Moon, night, rest, female.

These two energy forms can be found in every human being. According to the Chinese these flow in energy channels (meridians) in our body. Acupuncture treating points are located on these meridians; at these points accumulated or deficient energies can be redirected or made up, as needed.

The objective of healing is always rebalancing harmony. Our methods are very effective and in the last decades - due the profound research of Professor Heine - it has become a healing system on scientific basis. Body, ear, Yamamoto scalp and Gleiditsch mouth acupunctures are widely known.


Acupuncture treatment



In every method stimuli are generated in the body with acupuncture needles, with the goal of harmonizing and healing.

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