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Yamamoto scalp acupuncture

Professor Yamamoto in work


Professor Yamamoto Japanese neurologist has discovered more than 30 years ago that there is another minor system on the head before and behind the ears representing the entire body in small size..

This system - like other reflex zones - is able to indicate the disorders of the organs or organ systems belonging to it. Moreover, that disorder can be treated with stimulating the scalp area concerned.


First a profound examination of the abdomen will be carried out followed by a manual examination on the neck and the examination of the scalp area concerned. The reflexion area of the abdomen and the neck can be found on the scalp and they can be treated there, similarly to other reflex zones of the human body, for example the reflex zones on the sole or the hand.




Acupuncture points on the skin of the head

The method has excellent effect in

  • treating acute pains (lumbago, headache) and has immediate effect in some cases.
  • treating chronic illnesses and first of all in treating patients with rheumatic complaints.
  • the special area of treating children with congenital locomotor disorders and
  • az treating adults after circulation catastrophe in the brain.
Professor Yamamoto and
Dr. Gabriella Hegyi


The method can be completed with durable (thread implantation) acupuncture method.


It is a method free from by-effects; we have been using it in our institute for 15 years with excellent results.


Dr. Gabriella Hegyi, chief medical officer of our institute has learned the methodology in Japan as an apprentice of Professor Yamamoto. She is unparalleled in Europe in using this methodology successfully in treating her patients.

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